eXplain$.io is a platform to run multi-agent simulations to help with your trade.

eXplain$.io uses different modelling to give near-future projections in an amnesic economy that is constantly distracted by black swan events.

How Does eXplain$.io work?

Step 1. lay out your fundamentals in the form of parameters e.g. existing speculator vs investor ratio among holders of the asset, distribution of hedge funds, retails, etc holding the asset

Step 2. Use the default eXplain$ setting. Or choose for each asset an “evolution co-efficient” of the speculator vs investor ratio (as a function of time), etc

Step 3. Pay & run your eXplain$ simulations. This will give you confidence scores on difference price projections in the next 2~4 hours.

Step 4. ???

Step 5. Profit $$$